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Ghost Writer

Costume Design & Construction



My first show with Birmingham Festival Theatre, Ghost Writer was a three person period drama. While two of the characters remain on stage throughout the show, the neglected wife takes us through time in flashbacks. Starting in the early 1900's, she is first seen in a pale yellow walking skirt and white blouse. Moving into the "Titanic" era, she arrives "slightly" overdressed for an afternoon tea date. Finally, we see her in mourning in 1920.


For this show, I designed, patterened and created the walking skirt, the 1914 dress, including the hand beading, and the 1920's mourning dress for Ellise Mayor. (Photos coming soon) The other costumes were graciously loaned by UAB and Samford University.



Birmingham Festival Theatre

Director: Mel Christian

Costume Design: Marci Turner

Wig Design: Marci Turner


Ghost Writer at Birmingham Festival Theatre
Ghost Writer at Birmingham Festival Theatre
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