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Wig Design



When your director casts a natural brunette as Sandy, you have to roll with it. Test blonde wigs were not her friend, so natural hair was the directors preference. This wasn't a wig-heavy show, but the ones that were on stage had to be right. Marty's flip was lots of fun, with Velcro-changable bows and accessories on the front. Jan's "puffs" gave her hair the volume to go with her personality. Speaking of Jan, the actor had been Tracy in RMTC's production of Hairspray, and our Ms. Lynch had played Ms. Turnblad. In a nod to their connection, the Edna wig made a retun appearance on Ms. Lynch. Rizzo's crop was a challenge. We went through tons of women's short wigs before finally finding the perfect look...with a man's business styled wig, reset for Riz. Frenchy was the only other challenge. The wig originally had a full center part, which just made it look even more "wiggy" (than a pink wig normally would). A quick cut and steam of some bangs and we were good to go. 


Red Mountain Theatre Company

Director: Keith Cromwell

Costume Design: Amy Rankin

Wig Design: Marci Turner

Scenic Design: Stephen Fister

Lighting Design: 

Audio Design: Jay Tumminello


Grease at Red Mountain Theatre Company
Grease at Red Mountain Theatre Company
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