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Into the Woods

Wig Design



Into the Woods. What a show! There's a witch that transforms from a hag to a knock-out on stage in front of the audience. Rapunzel has a hunk of hair cut off, then half her hair ripped off, again all in front of the audience. And a handsome Prince who doubles as a fearsome Big Bad Wolf. Fun! 


The two big challenges with this show were the Rapunzel wig, and the Wolf. You can purchase a break-away Rapunzel wig designed for this show, but out of the's not that pretty. It had a flat "inside" with no hair (which is very, very visible when worn) and a really low, and wrongly placed break point. This is when I learned that my sewing machine will, in fact, sew a wig. The length of the wig was converted into a tube instead of a flat piece so that there was hair on all sides. The stock break-point was stitched together, and a new velcro break-point was added to improve the look of the "after" wig. Then the top of the wig was styled with twists meeting at the back and a break-away braid added to complete the look. 


For the Wolf, I took two of the Lacey's "Porcupine" wigs, and cut the second one to add to the bottom and sides of the first to give him the correct hairline. Then it was just a matter of cutting some ears from the same faux fir on the costume and attaching them to the wig. I was very pleased with the final effect.


Red Mountain Theatre Comapny

Director: Keith Cromwell

Costume Design: Amy Rankin

Wig Design: Marci Turner

Makeup/Prostethics: Barry Perkins

Scenic Design: Stephen Fister

Lighting Design: 

Audio Design: Jay Tumminello


Red & Big Bad Wolf
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