Judge Roy Moore is Coming to Dinner

Costume Design & Construction



My first show post-graduation, Judge Roy Moore is Coming to Dinner is a send-up of Alabama's notorious Chief Justice, Roy Moore. Set in the present day, a son comes home to Birmigham from California to introduce his parent to his new husband. His husband's parents also show up from the Jersey shore, as does the spirit of Judge Moore himself. There's a delightful scene in a gay bar where the actor playing Judge Moore entertains as Bubbalicious, a Tammy Wynette inspired drag queen. I'm still trying to get a photo of that!


For this production, I created five matching western vests for Bubbalicious' back up band, a vintage knit sequin floor length dress for Bubblicious herself, and five football jerseys for a flashback scene.


Actors Theatre of Alabama

Director: Jamie Lawrence

Costume Design: Marci Turner

Props: Judy Jones

Scenic Design: 

Lighting Design: 

Audio Design: 

© 2016 by MarciAgnes Designs. 


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