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Birmingham Revealed: Lou Wooster

Costume Design & Construction



This was a fun one. I'd recently had the opportunity to work with Ellise Mayor in Ghost Writer for Birmingham Festival Theater, when she was commissioned to write and perform a one-woman-show for the Birmingham Revealed series at Vulcan Park and Museum. My "day job" is at Vulcan, so the stars aligned and I was comissioned to design and create her costume. The catch? Create a 1908 gown worthy of a nortorious madam in mourning for her sister, out of three 1980's prom and bridesmaids dresses. Challenge accepted! Pattern designed, drafted and constructed by MarciAgnes.



Vulcan Park and Museum

Director/Writer: Ellise Mayor

Costume Design: Marci Turner

Wig Design: Marci Turner

Set Design: Ellise Mayor

Actor: Ellise Mayor

Ellise Mayor as Lou Wooster
Ellise Mayor as Lou Wooster
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