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Costume Design & Technician



This was, the largest production that I had been responsible for designing while at UAB. The director, Dennis McLernon, allowed the designers the freedom to "play" within his vision. I knew when he expressed interest in using Led Zepplin as background music that this would be a fun show.

Dennis knew immediately that he wanted more than the standard three witches, and we ended up with nine. Each witch was designed separately as her own character, with the understanding that they would be playing other roles throughout the show. We decided that it would be more interesting to have the witches still appear to be a "witch" while in the other roles. This allowed me the freedom to design fantastic and anachronistic costumes for the witches. The main cast were then placed in more period appropriate costumes to heighten the contrast.

To maintain a consistant color palette, I purchased approximately 85% of the fabric white and then dyed it before construction. Where pre-colored fabric was used, the fabric or garment was over dyed for consistency. All pieces were then dip and spot dyed for distressing and staining effects.


In addition to dying and painting the fabric, I constructed the antler headdress for Witch #4 from foil, Wonderflex, paint, leather, bone, and feathers.


Theatre UAB

Director: Dennis McLernon

Costume Design: Marci Turner

Scenic Design: Eddie Moncrief​

Lighting Design: ​​Kelly Allison​​​​

Props Design: Marc Quattlebaum​

Audio Design: Olivia Standridge


Macbeth at Theatre UAB
Macbeth at Theatre UAB
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