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Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages

Costume Design & Construction



My first show with Virginia Samford Theater, and by far, my largest show to date and my favorite thing I've ever done. With sixteen actors, nineteen named characters, and a "Greek chorus" ensemble comprising five of the actors, this was a very fun show!


Some of the items were rather specific; a breakaway suit, dress, skirt, bustier, and two shirts, matching 80's male and female leotards, comedic t-shirts, gold studded codpiece, a "Nikki Sixx" style rocker jacket, and a giant set of angel wings. Oh, and five pair of 80's cut panties that actors can dance in throughout the show without compromising the PG-13 rating. Whew! My construction skills were definitely put to the test.


Many thanks to Michael Swann for airbrushing Lonny's T-shirts, and to Mary Gurney for opening her costume storage to me for all those things I couldn't find or build. 


Virginia Samford Theatre

Director: Tawny Stephens

Costume Design: Marci Turner

Wig Design: Laura Kilgore Barnett

Scenic Design: David Page

Lighting Design: David Page

Audio Design: Brandon Robertson

Musical Director: Michael King


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