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Scenes From an Execution

Costume Construction


When I arrived in the theatre deaprtment at UAB, I started out in the 100 level intro to sewing class just like everyone else. Once the shop manager, Elizabeth, and the assistant, Sharon discovered I had experience, I was allowed to jump straight into creating costumes for productions. My first semester, I cut and stitched the gold robe for the character of "The Doge" from Scenes from an Execution. The robe was cut from a commercial priest cassock pattern, and I modified the sleeves into the bell sleeve to match Kimberly Schnormeier's design.




Theatre UAB

Director: Karla Koskinen

Costume Design: Kimberly Schnormeier​

Scenic Design: Cliff Simon

Lighting Design: Kelly Allison​​

Audio Design: Dustin Canez​


Eurydice at Theatre UAB
Eurydice at Theatre UAB
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