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The Wedding Singer

Wig Design



Hello1980's! This was my first wig-heavy show, and what a show it was. There was everything from realistic 80's hair, to exaggerated 80's hair, to really bad Vegas sidewalk celebrity impersonators. I'm not even kidding about the celebrity knock-offs - see the images of Cyndi Lauper and Mr. T below. The director asked for bad, and that's what he got! The ensemble spent the show changing from one character to the next, and I spent it styling wigs as soon as they came off the stage, before they went back on again.


Red Mountain Theatre Company

Director: Ron Kellum

Costume Coordinator: Amy Rankin

Costume Rental: Maine State

Wig Design: Marci Turner

Props: Bradley Cooper

Scenic Design: 

Lighting Design: David Page

Audio Design: Brandon Robertson


The Wedding Singer at Red Mountain Theatre Company
The Wedding Singer at Red Mountain Theatre Company
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