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We Three

Costume Design



My first fully realized design also happened to be for the first production of this new play. It's crazy to think that if it's ever produced again, my characters are the blueprint. Also crazy was that my first design was nominited for the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (KCACTF) Region IV Barbizon CostumeDesign Award.


We Three is the story of three friends serving community service as Salvation Army bell ringers. They end up meeting a Columbia University graduate student and a twelve-year-old girl, both of whom change the lives of two of the friends forever.


The actors all had incredible chemistry with each other, and much of my design was a direct result of what each brought to their roles. The issue of making a university student appear to be a twelve-year-old was solved by casting as well. Denecia Farmer was petite, but next to future NFL player Matt McCants, she definitely looked like a child. The final piece of my design puzzle was filled by the director, whose theme music for the show was the Beastie Boys Licensed to Ill. My 80's heart was happy.


Theatre UAB

Director: Dennis McLernon​​

Costume Design: Marci Turner
Scenic Design: Eddie Moncrief​​
Lighting Design: Kevin Allinder​
Props Design: Marc Quattlebaum​
Audio Design: Kirstie Crumly




Lysistrata at Theatre UAB
Lysistrata at Theatre UAB
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